From the archive (February 2015) – Exhibition “The Artist as Provocateur: Pioneering Performance at Pratt Institute” An exhibition of objects and ephemera from the performance practices of Pratt Institute students and faculty.

The making of "El Machete" collage. 2015.

Polina is going on a tour.

This year Polina's artwork is part of "Catalogo de Oferta Cultural" (Catalog of Cultural Offering) a yearly document created by the Arts and Culture Department of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, Polina and other five Mexican artists: Jesus Gonzalez Gutierrez, Israel de la Paz, Roque RM, Sofia Galindo and Marcos Hiram Rojas Sosa have been selected to create new artwork The Tallet, an artistic residency in Cirencester, Cotswold,UK, as part of the Mexico-United Kingdom Dual Year 2015.

Talk and workshop on The Three Taino Kings Puppets at Materials for the Arts, March 2015. Three giant puppets commissioned by El Museo del Barrio in 2009. Polina Porras Sivolobova and Chris Moffett. Photos courtesy of El Museo del Barrio photos by Carucha Meuse